£25per track

  • first track is charged at £30
  • Mix advice given before mastering if needed
  • No charge for a revision



  • File set required for CD replication
  • Text, ISRC and EAN Codes included
  • Built in media player for quick and convenient approval


from£50per track

  • Consultation and mix appraisal before mastering
  • Can yield amazing results from problematic mixes


£30per mix

  • If you are really not sure where your mixes are at and just want a full appraisal from an experienced set of ears, I can provide that.
  • I can help you pinpoint problems that are holding your mixes back, but only if the time and advice you receive is justified. If your mixes are in good shape, I'm more than happy to let you know and give any final advice without charge.


Vinyl pre masters (24 bit/No limiting) are charged at an additional £10 per master if you are having Digital's done at the same time. Otherwise, vinyl only pre masters are charged at the standard "per track" rate.

Additional edits, for example radio edits are charged at £5 per mix.

For larger jobs (15+ tracks) please get in touch for a better price.

If you wish to provide a revised mix after mastering, I charge £15 to set up and re run. If the mix changes substantially, it will be treated as a new master at the standard "per track" rate.

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